Martin Pain 


Ayurveda brings Martin true enjoyment – he lives and breathes this wonderful science and is excited to help his clients regain their natural vitality through its approach to lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

Martin was first introduced to Ayurveda in 2006 when an ailment left him with nowhere else to turn. After visiting many GP's and specialists over a period of two years Martin was unable to find answers and no closer to finding a solution.

"Ayurveda changed my life – it gave me back my health and happiness. I want others to experience the same."

While on a trip to India, Martin discovered Ayurveda by chance when he picked up a book on the subject and could not put it down. With a new found passion for Ayurveda and an ailment that still hadn't been resolved, on his return to Australia Martin sought to find a solution once and for all.

Martin had suffered with this ‘mystery’ condition for two years and after integrating basic Ayurvedic principles into his life, the ailment had completely disappeared within three weeks.

Needless to say, Martin has been hooked on Ayurveda and it's holistic approach to healing and life ever since. Coupled with his keen interest in Ashtanga, Ayurveda has slid into place perfectly as part of his daily lifestyle approach – its principles and practice being closely aligned with yoga.

Martin is now truly dedicated to this path and is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda (having already completed a Certificate IV) under the expert guidance of Dr. Ajit, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from Punjabi University and Director of the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies.

Martin is also a current member of the Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners Association (Level 2).

The history of his own health struggle enables Martin to connect with his clients and have a true understanding of their current experience. He is dedicated to helping them find their way back to a life of health and vitality. His struggle and ultimate success also gives him the confidence that Ayurveda provides a clear pathway to health.