Ayurvedic Consultation


During the consultation you can discuss any health issues you are concerned about. Following a thorough analysis we will develop a plan to help restore your natural health and wellbeing – this will include dosha analysis, dietary guidelines, specific daily routines, herbs and recommended treatments.

PRICE: $90.00

FOLLOWUP TIME: 60 minutes
PRICE: $50.00


Ayurvedic Massage

A soothing full body massage using warm medicated oil that unblocks stagnant energy, improves sleep, counters fatigue, moisturises, revitalises and strengthens skin, reduces lymphatic congestion and softens tight sore muscles and leaves you feeling full of vitality, energised and nourished.

TREATMENT TIME: 90 minutes
PRICE: $90.00

Marma Point Massage


Following a rejuvenating full body oil massage, pressure is applied to the Marmas (vital energy). This treatment identifies which points are blocked and are potentially affecting the body’s organs or channels – correct pressure is applied to these points, releasing the obstructions, balancing the flow of energy and moving you towards a healthy and balanced body and mind. 

TREATMENT TIME: 90 minutes
PRICE: $100.00


Kati Basti

A very effective treatment for lower and upper back pain, neck pain, tightness, RSI, knee and elbow issues and restricted movement of the neck, back and shoulder area. A dam made of dough is placed over the affected area and filled with warm medicated oil. This helps to soften, repair and nourish aching tight muscles. After the oil is removed the therapist will perform a back massage.

TREATMENT TIME: 60 minutes
PRICE: $90.00



Warm medicated oil is gently poured in a constant stream on the forehead, rejuvenating mind and body. The treatment effectively works to correct the imbalances at the physical, mental and emotional level. Shirodhara has many benefits including calming the mind, relieving stress and anxiety, and providing hormonal balance.

TREATMENT TIME: 60 minutes
PRICE: $90.00 + $50.00 (Shirodhara Oil kept for you only)